Dietism Graffiti

Dietism Definition? No such thing – Yet!

I’ve started my research for EFSEP with the concept that prompted me to launch this project…

I just want to […] make it easier for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I hate the idea of dieting. So, this is an anti-dietism blog.

So if I’m anti-dietism surely I should start by defining what dietism is? Well once I’ve finished this part of my research, I’ll refine my definition. But for now, I can see nothing but confusion.

Dietism Definition Confusion

Shows how Google is confused when you search for Dietism
Dietism certainly confuses Google. Because from the get-go we see it’s not sure if we mean dietism, deities, dietis, pietism, or dietismo. Then the results continue the religious theme. Except for an intriguing London Graffiti presence which inspired my featured image.

In the end, I had to turn to my favorite Google Tool…
Shows how Dietism is primarily viewed as a religious term
But as you see, the only result related to diet is at position 5. Then the religious obsession continues. Except for some trash about a smoothie meal replacement that I’ll ignore.

Anyway, I have my first definition that aligns with my view of dietism…

Diet-ism: the assignment of morality to a specific way of eating and an intolerance of “different” diets[1].

Unfortunately, Barbara has seen fit to add a hyphen. But that’s OK. Because I mostly disregard them. Anyway, she continues with words that fill me with the joy of reading a kindred spirit…

food shaming and diet-ism has become a run-of-the-mill conversation topic that has become socially acceptable. We live in a world that has never had this level of attention placed on food choices and fad diets than ever before. Orthorexia, defined as obsessive behavior in the pursuit of a “healthy diet,” is running rampant among our generation.

Learning to remove guilt and judgment around food choices is essential in the journey of restoring our relationship with food.

Also, Barbara’s taught me a new word – orthorexia. So I’ll definitely be using that when I encounter people with an obsession with eating foods they consider healthy. Even more so with the equally orthorexic people who systematically avoid specific foods that they believe to be harmful.

My Dietism Definition

In fact, the definitions of orthorexia make a good starting point for my definition of dietism. I say “starting point” because I know I’ll have to refine this at some point. But for now I’m going with…
Dietism is an obsession with meal plans that one considers healthy. A condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids any foods that are not included in their diet plan.

Your Dietism Definition

So what do you think of dietism? If you’re a sufferer how does dietism affect your life? Please tell me your story in the Feedback Form below.

Dietism Definition References

  1. Winzeler, B., 2017. Food Shaming, Diet-Ism And Dietitians. [online] Revive Wellness – Registered Dietitians – Edmonton, Alberta. Available at: [Archived 10 April 2020].