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Eat Food.
Avoid processed food-like substances. Focus on fresh (or freshly frozen) food. Benefits of whole foods and traditional diets.
Eat enough food to fuel your lifestyle. Avoid diet-induced weight swings. Adopt natural weight control forever, not just a few weeks. Eating habits, food culture, and health.
Especially Plants.
More plants. Less animals (not necessarily vegetarian). Plant-based diets and meat eating.

I derived it from Michael Pollan’s “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”[1]. Which inspired me when I became bored and disillusioned with diets.

So Pollan rails against the rise of nutritionism. Which is an ideology where the nutrient content of food becomes more important than food itself. Instead, he looks for value in whole food and traditional eating patterns. Rather than juggling nutrients in a fundamentally unhealthy Western diet. Subsequently, I’ve noticed how the vacuum of sensible eating education has generated reliance on fad diets. That led me to think of “dietism” as another false ideology. So I’m looking for practical ways to promote the adoption of healthy eating patterns.

Unfortunately, I live in a world where people want to have their meals planned for them. I guess that is part of the cycle of mistrust that develops when food hides behind processing and packaging. So I’ll include some practical eating plans to help people break the habits of unhealthy eating. But mainly I will focus on explaining where diets go wrong. Then provide practical tools to help you get on the healthy track.

Note that I have other websites that include aspects of diseases that are affected by food. Unfortunately, sufferers seek diet changes that will help combat their ill-health. But often their eating habits are so poor that such changes can never work. Because they need to break away from the Western diet mentality and start developing healthy eating habits. Then they have a strong foundation on which to plan disease-specific meals. So the practical eating plans I mentioned can form a foundation diet. That replaces unhealthy habits with a basis for building healthier lifestyles.

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The purpose of EFSEP is to explain ways to adopt healthier lifestyles. By eating sufficient real food in well-balanced ways.
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  1. Pollan, Michael. In defense of food: An eater’s manifesto. Penguin, 2008.