Lentil Stew for Diabetics

Meals for Easing Diabetic Pain

EFSEP is mostly concerned with meals that are wholesome for everyone. But some of my other websites help people who have special dietary needs for medical reasons. So we discovered 3 meals recommended for diabetics[1]. Now there is no reason to restrict these meals for generally healthy people. Though anyone thinking about changing eating habits…


Eat Food Especially Plants

Eating plant-based meals is generally recognized as a good part of healthier lifestyles. But where do you start? For myself, I simply ate less meat each week. By introducing meat-free meals. Also, by replacing some meat content of recipes with beans, lentils, and peas etc. Often, I’d add mushrooms. But maybe replacing dairy butter with…

Chart of Orthorexia Studies 2002-2019

Dietism Defined – What You Want It To Be

When I looked for a Dietism Definition I struggled to find one. Maybe that’s because it means different things to different people. But in the end, dietism is best avoided. Dietism and Orthorexia Remember, I based my first draft of my dietism definition as… Dietism is an obsession with meal plans that one considers healthy….

Dietism Graffiti

Dietism Definition? No such thing – Yet!

I’ve started my research for EFSEP with the concept that prompted me to launch this project… I just want to […] make it easier for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I hate the idea of dieting. So, this is an anti-dietism blog. So if I’m anti-dietism surely I should start by defining what dietism…